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Crowdfunding: The New Age of VC or an Invitation to Fraud & Disaster?
Stanford Rock Center for Corporate Governance

Duration: 1hr 12min
This event took place at Stanford Law School on Feb 7, 2013. The participants were Naval Ravikant (CEO and co-founder of AngelList), Rory Eakin (Founder and COO of CircleUp), Professor Joe Grundfest (Stanford Law School) and Evan Epstein (Executive Director, Stanford Rock Center for Corporate Governance)

Rock Center Overview
The Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Center for Corporate Governance is a joint initiative of Stanford Law School and the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University. The Center was created to advance the understanding and practice of corporate governance in a cross-disciplinary environment where leading academics, business leaders, policy makers, practitioners and regulators can meet and work together. The Center is led by outstanding Faculty with active collaboration from its Advisory Board, whose members include Arthur Rock, Toni Rembe, Patricia Dunn, Anastasia Kelly, Richard Koppes, Katherine Schipper, Derek Schrier, Marshall Small, and Frank Zarb.

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